Ultimate Guide to Mix and Match Trench Coat - A Must-Have In Your Closet


Needless to say, how classy a trench coat is!

It is an absolutely dispensable item in your closet for Spring 2021.

Its versatility is so well-known to the fashionistas,

and it perfectly fits most social occasions.


"A trench coat or trenchcoat is a coat variety made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine drill, leather, or poplin. It was originally an item of clothing for Army officers (developed before the war but adapted for use in the trenches of the First World War, hence its name) and shows this influence in its styling.

Thomas Burberry, an English gentlemen's outfitter, was the inventor of gabardine, and also the founder of international chain Burberry, one of Britain's largest branded clothing businesses." - From Wikipedia

The other British brand, Aquascutum, also was known as one of the earliest trench coat makers.

In any case, the United Kingdom is indeed the well-deserved origin of the trench coat. Nowadays, in the United Kingdom, trench coats are the most popular fashion item compare to the rest of the world - other than fashion, it is of course because of the uncertain weather.

Due to the military cut and lightweight, a transitional dressing staple and a masculine-meets-feminine midpoint, the timeless trench rightfully deserves its spot in your wardrobe as one of the most versatile and season-less items you’ll ever own. A trench coat adds a winning final touch to any women’s outfit.

From Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's to Meghan Markle during her royal visits, trenches have been the coat of choice for iconic women for decades.

There are so many options in the market for you to pick up a trench coat, but what fits the best might take you a little time. A trench coat, as the evergreen fashion piece, is worth an investment and lasts a couple of years, or a decade, even longer. As cold begins to fade and spring is setting in, a trench coat is the ideal piece of transitional outerwear.

In this blog post, we pulled together everything you need to know about the trusty trench coat — just in time before the season starts to change and you’re hunting down your next stylish raincoat.

How To Choose The Trench Coat That Fits You 

All the trench coats all look similar, but there are still many details that make them a big difference. Knowing the attributes of the trench coat can help you pick one that suits you the best.

Recommand to Buy - The Right Length

When it comes to the trench coat purchase, the length is always the first question. To answer this question is really simple, it depends on your own height. I suggest if you are a petite cute lady, the short trench coat should stick to coats that sit just above the knee.

However, if you’re a tall gal, always go for a trench coat that falls just below the knees to avoid looking awkward and uncomfortable.

Recommand to Buy - Single-Breasted Or Double-Breasted

In recent years, the oriental style has become popular. The style is characterized by the little wider hem, the point collar, and the single-breasted design. This swingy trench is tailored perfection that flutters, flows, and freshes up every routine.

Tips: If you're a really skinny gal, highly recommend choosing that the color of the buttons and the color of the fabric are similar so that it'll visually weaken the thin feeling and the attention will not focus on your upper body.

Recommand to Buy - Gun Patch (Storm Flap) and Back Yoke

Gun Patch/Storm Flap – Assumed by many to be padding for a rifle butt, the “gunflap is actually a protective flap to ensure water does not slip into the jacket as it runs down the shoulders. It effectively serves as a cap, keeping the wearer dry, assuming he has on headwear.

Back Yoke helps the water to roll straight to the ground instead of the wearer's back. This feature is rarely found in any other garment, making the trench coat so unique.

These two features are able to expand the upper body visually and make the lower body look slim at the same time.

Therefore, if you're the girl with a big cup size, please try to avoid the gun patch; and don't pick up the trench coat with the back yoke if you're bothered with a little kyphotic curve back.

Recommand to Buy - Colors, Camel or Popular Color?

Even though camel color is a very classic color for trench coats, it could make your facial tone look dull. The light gray, on the other hand, is more versatile and lightweight than camel and it is pretty classic as well, make the look trendy and chic.

Other than these colors, the popular colors of the trench coats in spring/summer 2021, such as the ice cream color, also look elegant and are worthy of trying. :)

Recommand to Buy - The Fabric

Look for water-repellent, lightweight gabardine cotton, especially if you live in a humid city. A more exquisite option would be a trench in pure cashmere, with some leather details.

A trench coat is so stylish that almost fits all occasions. Some of the trench coats are designed to be oversized so that you could add more layers in the winter, making the whole look a street style.

This Spring/Summer 2021, the trench coats blended with the tencel fabic are highly recommended. The tencel blended trench coat is soft and droopy and the hem swings, it curates a elegant look.

Style layered over the dress to curate a feminine look.

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