1 Pose For The Perfect Shape Of Your Back

The pose for today is called Saithalyasana (Animal Relaxation Pose), which imitates its name from animal like cats and dogs. These animals whenever sit like to fold their rear legs under its body and extend it front legs outward and often put their head between their stretching legs. This is they do so to make them relax and calm. Therefore, Saithalyasana is known for stress busting, anxiety and making oneself relax and calm. This asana is also known for meditation.

First sit on the yoga matt with the legs stretching outward in front of the body.

Bend your left leg and place the sole of the left foot inside of the right thigh so that the entire left leg to rest on the floor. Fold the right leg to the outside of the body so that the foot lies beside the left buttock. Inhale and slowly raise your arms upward, perpendicular to the floor. Keep the arms parallel, palms facing forward.

Exhale, slowly bend forwards over the left knee and the forehead touches the floor.

Breathe slowly and deeply, maintain the position up to 5 minutes and reverse the opposite side. And then go back the initial position, stuff pose.

Breathing should be synchronized with the body movements. After become mastery of the sana, keep your eyes close and try to focus on the body. While performing the asana, try to focus on the body parts, which are experiencing stretching, compressing, twisting and relaxation.



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