Keto Tiramisu Fat Bombs

How do you satisfy your sweet cravings even if you are on a keto diet? Our answer: Tiramisu Fat Bombs! It is a perfect treat that you can munch on whenever you feel like you need an increased energy level in your body. A keto-friendly dessert, which is high in fat but low in carbohydrates and protein. ----------------------------‐------------------ 🍽 Servings: 8 fat bombs Ingredients: 4oz Cream Cheese, softened 2oz Butter, softened 1 tsp Instant Coffee Powder 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1 Tbsp Erythritol 1 Tbsp unsweetened Cocoa Powder 1 cup crushed Sugar-free Grahams Procedure: 1) Combine all ingredients in a food processor. 2) Pulse into a smooth dough. 3) Divide the dough and roll into balls. 4) Chill for one hour. ➡️ Nutritional Information: Energy - 80 kcal Protein - 1.5g (7%) Fat - 8g (90%) Carbohydrates - 1g (3%)

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