9 Tips to Mix and Match Over-The-Knee Length Denim Skirt at Work

What we focus on in October are the Must-Have items for this fall, the denim bottoms, the over-the-knee denim skirts, practical application of popular colors, etc. We provide you a solution to solve the "What To Wear At Work".

Today let’s talk about denim first, denim skirts and jeans. I am sure that you must have more than one in your wardrobe. But I am not sure if you really know how to pull them off together.

We are used to the toughness of denim, forget the tenderness of it. The denim skirts in the workplace should give you a different feeling, as gentle as the warm sunlight touches. The loose silhouette of a denim skirt makes you move freely, and it is soft to the touch, also evoking your unique femininity.

Tip #1: A-Shape Denim Skirt + A Long Coat/Cardigan

The A-shape midi skirt is made of the unique soft-touch and comfortable denim fabric, and it can perfect the body shape, also makes a classic addition to your wardrobe. The midi skirt thrives on a raw hem. It could pair with a brown color, long cardigan, and the retro style floral shirt, and the ankle boots for the season’s first chilly days.

The highly comfortable denim skirt is cozy and unpretentious, and it brings out the quality of maturity and elegance.

The stretchy fabric denim skirt is very soft and comfortable to wear. And the skirt is elevated by an alluring thigh-high slit on the back. You could wear it with an earth tone tee, ankle boots, and a trench coat for a look that will take from the office to a dinner date.

Tip #2: I-Shape Denim Skirt + A Black Blazer

It doesn't get more classic than a versatile black blazer in an office in fall. The I-shaped cut denim midi/long skirt prolongs the legs visually. And it matches well with the neat, perfect-fit cut blazer. The whole outfit rises the presence of sophistication and professionalism.

Tip #3: Denim Skirt + Boyfriend Style Shirt

If you work in a more casual environment, but still want to look buttoned up, simply layer a neutral boyfriend shirt pair with the Indigo denim skirt (see the model on the right from the image below). The warm, earth tone colors for the shirt are the top choice in the season, like early fall. The accessories, such as a small crossbody bag and heels bring out the tender and soft quality that only belongs to the females.

Tip #4: Patchwork Over-The-Knee Denim Skirt

The skirt in the image below on the left gives the denim long skirt a fresh update with playful patchwork design and a raw hem. Keep it easy with stylish sneaks and a tee, or elevate it with kitten heels and a slinky tank.

Tip #5:Denim Skirt + Lace Blouse

Lace is unwavering elegance and ladylike romantic and the feeling that denim texture usually gives you is rough and stiff. And the outfit below combines the roughness of denim and the tenderness of lace. And the hat and the black pump heals created a polished final look.

Tip #6:Mixing Up Sweet + Cool

The knee-length skirt is a figure-flattering item and it makes you look slimmer. Pair it with a cool-looking moto jacket to complete the romantic and sweet mix-&-match style

The way that the jacket is worn over the shoulders can create an elegant three-dimensional effect. By tucking the top into the skirt, working on the small accessories and the color matching, you can achieve more mature, fashionable styles with a denim skirt.

Tip #7:Combination of femininity and masculinity

The loose cargo jacket and the denim midi pencil skirt make the figure-flattering. And the flats with wraparound ankle straps are the icing on the cake to the outfit.


The combination of femininity and masculinity creates the perfect street look (see the image on the right).

Tip #8:Midi Denim Skirt + Accessories (Belt)

Pair the white frayed edge denim midi skirt with the square plaid shirt brings out the energy of vitality and creates an intellectual and sophisticated impression. And the box-shaped leather bag adds liveliness to the style.

A white knee-length denim skirt could easily appear, however, a belt with a narrow width and vibrant color can effectively shape the slenderness of the waist.

Tip #9:Midi Denim Skirt + Accessories (Scarf)

The V-neck top reveals the sexy collarbone, the red square scarf on the waist increases the color matching layering, and the camel color bag upgrades up to the next level of gorgeousness.

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