What To Wear - 8 Solutions of Outfits for The Fabulous Spring & Summer! - Part 2

Welcome back to "What To Wear", 8 Solutions of Outfits for the Fabulous Spring and Summer Part 2. I bet you've got inspired by the last blog post. Let us keep going

Solution 5: A Shirt Is A Key

I don't think that many people doubt the versatility of shirts. You're able to pull off a really exquisite style simply coordinating with a shirt as if you're the girl from the fashion magazine.

In Japanese Fashion Magazine, we usually see that a shirt marries a midi skirt with the same color but different shades. This color scheme never goes wrong, but just a little reminder, pick the accessories with vibrant color to elevate the entire to a higher level of grace.

I don't know about you guys, I have not less than 10 white shirts in my closet, with different cuts and fabrics. I love them because they go perfectly with everything, such as pants, trousers, denim, all kinds of skirts, even could be a cover-up to the cami dress.

My favorite white shirt look is the white shirt + white pleated skirt because my husband told me this outfit reminded him a decade ago the first time he saw me walking on campus, he realized falling in love at the first sign was not a fair tale. that's why I called it the "First Love" Outfit"

What a boring look, shirt + pants! Let's style it up with s sweater, covering up on the shoulder.

Of course, you can do the same when you wear a shirt and a skirt, tucking in half of the fly front and adding a sweater cover-up. It polishes the look with layers.


Solution 6: A Midi Skirt Is A Must

Spring is the season to start wearing skirts and dresses. For me, I love skirts over dresses simply because I enjoy putting tops and bottoms together to create a fabulous look. Among all kinds of skirts, pleated skirts are my favorite and they are pretty figure-flattering, no matter how much you do not confident about your own body.

A floral print skirt is an item you might not want to miss in the spring. The hemline of the floral skirt swings with the wind and it added a romantic taste to the spring. And the tops with the concise clear cut go perfectly well with the floral skirts, also balance out the over-loaded energy of feminine that the floral print brings out.

The candy color pencil skirts reflect the colors of spring, with T-shirts and dress shirts, you will pull off all kinds of awesome daily looks for the varieties of occasions. And you’ll be the one who catches all the attention.

The ideal length of the skirt is between the knees and ankles. At this length, the skirt covers the flaws of your legs. You're able to pull off a lovely looking with T-shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, etc.

Set 7: A Jacket Rules.

The belted cargo jacket is pretty neutral, but going with the tulle midi skirt, it will make you look like a princess from the fairy tale.

There's a simple and easy style that looks good on almost everyone, no matter what body shape. A short jacket + a flare midi skirt create a stunning look with ballerina shoes or sneaker. This look make you look very tall and splendid.

Denim jackets are categorized as the casual style, however, to match up with the pleated skirt or the plaid pants will polish the look to the elegance style, but not to overdressed.

White denim jacket shows the mature glace, with a white tulle skirt or a floral skirt, adding the rigorous energy to the whole style.

Solution 8: Short Top and Long Bottom

It looks really tall when you tuck in the tops in the high-waisted pants. This is a goldom principle for the petite ladies.

Macaron colors is the must when you would like to create a romantic style, such as a macaron paper-bag pants and a minimal top.

The high-waisted jeans, of course, are also very popular, easily create a figure flattering look.

Well, that's everything for this post, hopefully, you got inspired from the looks above. Please leave the comment below, and let me know which style you like the most.