What To Wear - 8 Solutions of Outfits for The Fabulous Spring & Summer! - Part 1

Here we come, April, the first quarter of 2021 already passed. Time really flies!

April is a fabulous month, it feels full of energy, and possibilities. If you still wore the achromatic color outfits, you just failed the beauty of the fabulous April. When it comes to "What to wear tomorrow", most women are annoyed with this question.

No worries, we will be inspired by the following outfits from the Japanese magazines. I guarantee that you will look luminous and elegant when you picked up the ideas from them.

Solution 1: Macaron Color Element

When it comes to spring, the macaron colors pop up in my head instantly. The tones of macaron colors are so vibrant, lively, and romantic, they really remind me that it is time to say goodbye to the tedious winter. Macaron colors are the top choice for spring outfits. It is so easy to stand out from the crowd when you're wearing these colors, they're absolute eyecatchers.


The greenish colors are still popular this year, such as mint green and sage green, they are refreshing, full of vitality, and sweet, but not tacky.

And the lavender purple is pretty lightweight and glamorous, also goes well with white, gray, and the same color scheme, you can pull it off with the most simple item, like a T-shirt.

The icy pale blue is as much refresh as the mint green, making you feel cooling and calm. And it also illuminates your skin tone and lifts your spirit.

If the macaron colors look too sweet and even feel cloying, you can use neutral colors (such as, black, white, grey and beige, etc.) to balance out. So it creates a professional and chic look, also shows a strong presence but pressure-free.

Solution 2: Best Dresses in Spring

Other than the skirts, the dresses are the must-have in spring. You won't waste time mixing and matching with the other pieces. The dresses usually show romantic and glamorous taste.

As gorgeous and figure-flattering, the shirt dresses are the typical minimalist style, but elegant and graceful, and will never be outdated.

If you are the fashionista who loves to entertain with layers looks, it worth trying a shirt dress + pants, the perfect match. This type of look couples with strength and gentleness and create an unexpectedly stunning style.

Solution 3: The Versatile Trench Coats

As a well-known to be versatile item, a trench coat goes well with almost everything, no matter floral, lace, and pleated dress/skirt, it will refine the entire look.

The trench coat and the midi skirt/dress are the gold couple and pull off with the different styles of the footwear, it will give it such an exquisite feeling.

The long trench coat matches up so well with the wide-leg pants or jeans, no matter lightweight fabric or denim. They carry out the free and easy style with good greace, and they are also very figure-flattering.

If you worry about the classic colors of trench coats, such as khaki, military green or camel, are unble to uplift the spirit of the spring, how about try the less sharp but bright color to illuminate the whole look.

Set 4: An Unique Way to Mix and Match Suits

The formal suits are not a synonym of "boring" anymore. The ice cream colors polish the dullness of the formal suit sets, also bring out a particularly springy look. They look superb with T-shirts, dress shirts, heels or flats.

Have you tried to put together a suit jacket and a layered tulle midi skirt? If you have not, be bold and give it a shot, you will look unexpectedly stunning. A raffle layered tulle midi or a lace midi are also great choices.

If you felt that the lace and tulle skirts are too feminine to wear in the office, a pencil skirt could a great alternative. A little heads-up, the long suit jacket (cover the buttons) is ideal because it is super figure-flattering the body shape, such as apple and pear body shape. Also keep it in mind, the waist line must be showing, since it makes you look really tall.

What the best about wide leg pants is to cover the imperfect of your legs, also visually pro-long your legs.

That's all for the first part of this post, please let me know if you got inspired for your daily wardrobe. The second part will introduce more stunning styles and looks.

To Be Continued