6 Tips to Mix and Match The Ruffle Tops

Would you like to create all kinds of styles to show off your natural grace, such as the style of romantics, sweetness, and feminine? Then the ruffle tops are a must-have "equipment" for the fashionista this summer.

The shape of ruffles reminds me of the lotus leaves, which convey the artistic elegance and come up with the layered look. The ruffles are really able to bring up the unexpected pleasant surprise to your whole style.

In addition, the ruffles have also been "officially certified" to be the fashional feature by many designer brands in Fashion Weeks.

Although we all know that ruffles polish the clothing, they will also show completely different effects when they appear in different spots.

Tip# 1: Ruffles on the chest

The ruffles on the chest tend to have a larger area and a layered style looks very glamorous. If you are a fashionista who is not 100% confident about your bust cup size, the tops with the ruffles on the chest are a great choice.

An important principle to coordinate this kind of ruffle top is "loose top, tight bottom". A pencil skirt or a pair of skinny jeans go perfectly with it. Keep in mind, trying to avoid the loose bottoms, which make you visually tubby.

Appropriate skin exposure can alleviate the visual expansion of the ruffle tops. And the function to elongate the figure with the V-neckline or the big crew neckline is also obvious to all.

Tip# 2. The Ruffles on the Neckline

The design of adding ruffles on the neckline has always been very retro, as long as it is added to the clothes, they have a sweet and romantic temperament of the Middle Ages.

No matter what the look is, you only need to add the ruffles on the neckline and the whole look is refined.

The ruffles embellished on the neckline brings the full of gentleness, sweetness, freshness, retro, and elegance.

Tip# 3. The Ruffles on the Sleeves

The ruffles on the sleeves make the flow of creativity flow throughout the whole look. The use of ruffles elements on the sleeve combines the sense of design and presents a strong sense of existence.

The single-layer or multi-layer ruffles represent simplicity and vitality, and meanwhile, express a feeling of freedom and independence.

For the fashionista who worries that the big ruffles are too exaggerated to pull off on the sleeves, the tiny ruffles on the cuff is an alternative, which adds elegant decency and a little taste of playfulness.

The basic items with the ruffled elements can be outstanding and attractive when worn together with a pair of basic pants or only alone. Additionally, the ruffle style works brilliantly for innerwear too.

So far we got some ideas about the clothing with the ruffled elements and next, I summed up 3 practical collocation formulas for you to play the ruffles items, only a few steps, a big fabulous surprise.

Forluma 1. Pair up with denim buttom

The complexly designed item always matches the simple clothing. A masculine denim item balances out the cuteness of ruffles. Therefore, these two items are suitable to be paired.

The regular jeans for your daily wear match the ruffles well. The light-colored ones which are more refreshing are recommended.

It is not the best idea to wear formal suit trousers with the ruffled items. A pair of casual pencil pants fit more and lead out more looks in the office.

Formula 2. Innerwear Under A Coat/Jacket

In addition to wearing alone, the ruffled pieces are exceptional for innerwear. Copy this cute and sweet style with just a click~

Wearing it under a coat, trench coat, and suit jacket creates another new fashion. Look, even if it’s covered partially by a coat, the collar still stands out.

Wearing it under a retro or elite style jacket creates another different grace.

Formula 3. Pair Up with Skirts

Applying the frill element to the skirt, one of the most popular items, makes spring a more romantic season.

A shirt or a T-shirt with an irregularly ruffled skirt and a pair of high heels perfectly fit for office ladies.

A ruffled dress is a splendid outfit for a date. The sexy and sweet style narrows the distance between each other.

If the folds are relatively small, it looks more playful and cuter. And no other colors are better than pink for the spring.

The eyelets or see-through ruffled design is age-reducing. This kind of clothes is generally made of cotton, cool and comfortable to wear.

The ruffled elements are full of girlishness, easily capture people’s attention. Let the ruffles fascinate everyone this spring!