According to the prediction of Pantone and WGSN about the popular colors of this spring and summer 2020, compared to the dark and strong colors in fall and winter last year, the 5 popular colors that I am about to introduce are like the gentle spring breeze to make us feel more vitality and hope.

1. Green Ash/ Noe-Mint

The avocado green was so hot last year, the shades of green are still the trendy colors this summer. The mint green is like the first breath of the fresh air that you inhale in the early morning, metaphorizing the full vitality and positive energy that brings visual relaxation and joy to us in an intensive period of time.

The bright mint green is meant to belong to spring, no matter it is for the office suit outfit or a single item embellishes the outfit. It is fresh and eye-catching, also with a soft and comfortable feeling at the same time.

Although the whole body monochrome is a hot style, it does take some effort to pull off, so in order to avoid the stylish mistakes, it would be easier to start with the single items.

2. Bleached Aqua/ Puriest Blue

In the fashion industry, the shades of blue are always designers' top choice. has an extraordinary position in people's hearts. And bleached blue/purist blue is the ultimate interpretation of the purity of blue, which is less bright than the aqua blue, but more calming and peaceful. Compared to cobalt blue, it looks vivid and carefree.

In addition to error-free black and white, the whole body of the monochrome blue outfit is also a perfect choice. It can either be casual or formal, either sweet or cool, it pulls off with the basic accessories as well.

In short, the bleached blue is the most inclusive and versatile color among the five popular colors of spring and summer 2020. No matter what kind of fabric or texture, it can always create a sense of calming and refreshment.

3. Grapeade/ Cassis

Purple has long been associated with ambiguity, mystery, and magic. And grapeade/cassis is a relatively low profile shade among all shades of purple. It weakens the mysterious and sexy qualities of the other shades of purple and adds more elegance and spirituality. Although it is feminine and low-key, it still feels the energy of the youth. What's more worth mentioning is that the grapeade/cassis purple is simply the sharpest eye-catching tool this summer.

Perhaps most girls misunderstood that grapeade/cassis purple is being "too old-fashioned". If you want to pull off the whole noble purple outfit perfectly, the appropriate "breathability" is the key. It would avoid the ponderosity of the purple by matching up with light blue, white and other bright colors and light, thin texture.

To be honest, grapeade/cassis purple is a double-edged sword on fashion, it could be pulled off perfectly, but it could make a slip easily. You can start to be inspired by celebrities and fashion bloggers

4. Crabapple/Cantaloupe

It feels absolutely sweet and cooling when you take a bit of cantaloupe in the burning hot summer. The cantaloupe shade of orange is one of the most beautiful and romantic colors this summer. It does not look as sharp as the ordinary orange, but more gentle and sweeter. The energy of youth couldn't stop coming out and it is powerful as if it is the most impressive memory in the early 20s.

It must be admitted that the shade of Crabapple/ Cantaloupe orange might make your skin tone looks dull, of course, the life-saver is always the white single items, such as a white skirt, shirts, or hats, are all really great options. At the same time, there is a set of different color schemes you could try, bright pink, it goes well with crabapple/ cantaloupe orange if you need to have a strong presence on a special occasion.

In addition to full of vitality, the cantaloupe shade of orange is also a very magical color, which does not only interpret the energetic sunshine girl style but also interprets the beautiful fairy style.

5. Antique Moss/Mellom Yellow

Stimulating and optimistic, yellow is often used to inject joy and vibrancy into fashion. Antique moss/ mellow yellow has neutral and bright qualities and it could be either retro styles or avant-garde styles, and it is naturally versatile to any fabrics and styles. What amazing about this shade of yellow is that it is eye-catching, but not disturbing, and it is just like the soft existence in our daily outfits.

What charm of antique moss/ mellow is that it can make the whole outfit luminous. If you are not 100% confident about wearing the monochromic yellow outfit, you could pull it off by mixing the denim blue skirts or bottoms or use some pale yellow shades or brown items to neutralize the dazzling sense of antiques moss/ mellow yellow color.

No matter your skin tone is fair or tanned, the antique moss/ mellow yellow item is the must-have to attract all the attention because it really makes you look glowing shine.

Due to the unexpected public health crisis, most of us have to do self-quarantine at home, it is just temporary. However, nothing stops us from pursuing beauty, we are always ready to shine through the whole world.