160 Items Must be Tossed for Better Home - Danshari Handbook

In the past, we were used to "addition" to life.

Every time we added something to our home, and happiness came into being because the materiality in that era was too scarce. The more furniture and objects were stacked at home, the more evidence to prove the quality of our life had been improved, and greater satisfaction was brought to us.

With the advent of the "subtraction" era, we have learned that we could return to the simple life. We discard and streamline items, leave a lot of blank space, and minimize the furnishings. So, we will be able to break the bond of excessive materiality.

The To-Toss List

From the entrance, dining room, living room, bathroom, bedroom to the home office, children's room, balcony, these 160 things should be thrown away without the second thought!


  1. Shoes not worn for more than a year

  2. old, unfit, and too many, same style of shoes, you should be considering to get rid of.

  3. Damaged slippers (recommended to keep disposable slippers at home for visitors

  4. Shoe Boxes (occupies too much space, also make you forget the existence of shoes)

  5. The fabric shoe bags (thought they were useful, but never used)

  6. Expired and dried shoe polish/shoe wax

  7. Very dirty shoe polishing cloth (recommended to use disposable pull-out shoe polishing cloth)

  8. Broken umbrella(s)

  9. Rusty scissors and/or knives

  10. Inferior disposable raincoats that are unlikely to be reused any more

  11. Used shoe covers


  1. Food that pasts the expiration date

  2. The moldy food

  3. Frozen food that has forgotten the storage time in the refrigerator freezer

  4. Snacks and candy that you don’t like (don’t buy it next time)

  5. Seeds and nuts that are not crisp anymore

  6. Dried vegetables and fruits

  7. Souvenirs given by others but don’t want to eat

  8. Condiments already opened but don't remember the last time it was used

  9. Expired sauces, jellies, jams, chocolate sauce, honey, etc.

  10. Seasoning bagS in convenience food

  11. Gift cups from the supermarket mall that you won’t use at all

  12. Yogurt straws

  13. Disposable knives and forks that did not use up when eating birthday cake

  14. Disposable lunch boxes from the restaurants

  15. Leftover disposable tableware (paper cups and plates)

  16. Empty packing boxes

  17. Cooking tools, such as rice cookers and pressure cookers that have been replaced and haven't gotten rid of

  18. Old and rusty pot no longer use

  19. Bowls, plates, cups with missing corners or cracks

  20. Tablecloths, table mats that won't be used anymore

  21. A bunch of chopsticks from the Chinese restaurant order-in

  22. Baking ingredients that were bought on a whim but did not act

  23. Dirty dish towel

  24. Moldy chopping board

  25. Restaurant order-in menus

  26. The colorful plastic disposal tableware

Living Room

  1. CD that won't be listened to ever again

  2. VCD/DVD that won't be watched to ever again

  3. Stuffing toys without special meaning(Keep 5 favorites if want)

  4. Tourist souvenirs with the rough workmanship, only for dust collecting

  5. All kinds of flyers

  6. Expired coupons

  7. Excessive storage of plastic bags, garbage bags

  8. Expired drugs

  9. Packaging foam paper that I thought would be used

  10. A bunch of shopping bags that seemed to be of good quality

  11. The snack that you forgot the time of opening

  12. Table mats/tablecloths whose colors already faded away

  13. Incomplete deck of cards

  14. Pens that not working anymore

  15. Withered plants

  16. Empty wine bottles

  17. Empty tea cans

  18. Tissues/wet wipes brought back from the restaurant

  19. Broken bulbs/light that just got replaced

  20. Teabags and sugar bags brought back from cafes or hotels


  1. Inferior quality towels that have been used for more than a year

  2. Dirty cleaning clothes that couldn't even be used to the wipe the floor)

  3. Detergents that have not been open for a year but not used up

  4. Sunscreen from the last year

  5. Various toiletry sets from the hotel

  6. Expired skincare products

  7. Used skincare products that were not suitable for your skin type

  8. Body lotion that has been open a long time ago but not used up

  9. Hairbands without elasticity

  10. Keep 1-2 your favorite headband(s)

  11. Shampoo and body wash that would never be used again

  12. All kinds of skincare products samples

  13. Toothbrush that has been used more than 3 months

  14. Bar soup that has been used to a tiny piece and hard to be picked it up.

  15. Cleaning detergents that no long working

  16. Replaced toothbrush (you thought they were useful, actually they weren't)

  17. Hair wax/mask that you thought you would use one of those days

  18. Toilet paper tubes

  19. Disgusting exfoliating gloves/clothes

Home Office

  1. Leaking pen

  2. Pens that can't write

  3. Glue that has dried out

  4. Old calendar

  5. Sticky notes without stickiness

  6. Training and examination materials that have ended

  7. Old digital products that have been upgraded for many generations

  8. Identical cables

  9. Small capacity SD card

  10. Postcards and greeting cards with no special meaning (express gratitude and remember it)

  11. Dysfunctional mouse

  12. Piggybank (saving money in this way is not a good idea, the child can have one)

  13. Dysfunctional watches/clocks

  14. Decorative candles that you don’t need anymore

  15. Tourist maps (you can get them for free at the any tourist sites)

  16. Business cards

  17. Receipts that are no longer needed

  18. Paper utility bills that you already paid

  19. Paper bank statements

  20. A memorial(s) that was(were) related to the last relationship (if you missed your ex, go get him/her back, otherwise you should embrace your current relationship or welcome the next one)

  21. Dysfunctional PC

  22. Old cell phones

  23. Old batteries

  24. Textbooks from college or even earlier

  25. Old magazines

Living Room

  1. Ripped or brushed socks

  2. Only one of the paired sock left

  3. T-shirts with the deformed necklines

  4. Yellowed white clothes

  5. Worn-out belts

  6. Really loose underwears

  7. Inferior quality clothes

  8. Clothes not worn for a year

  9. Scarves not worn for a year

  10. Various cultural promotional T-shirts

  11. Clothes that feel ugly when you wear them

  12. Worn old wallet

  13. Clothes that are no longer suitable for the current age and temperament

  14. Slippers that I bring back from the hotel every time on the business trips

  15. Hangers with a variety of colors and styles, visually messy, ugliest hack

  16. Clothes you couldn't fit in but dreamt you could once your weights lost

  17. Ethnic clothes bought during the trip you took more than a year ago

  18. Super large storage boxes and honeycomb storage compartment being idle in the closet

  19. Handbags that you would never be used

  20. Old bed sheets that no longer being used

  21. Old pillows that have been replaced by the ones

  22. Pillowcases with really faded colors

  23. Floor mats that have been used for more than 2 years and are dirtier than the floor

  24. Quilt or blanket that you've been using since you were a baby

  25. Fragrance that doesn't suit you at all

  26. Lipsticks that you did not remember when you bought

  27. Makeups being idle for a year or longer

  28. Facial masks that laid in the drawer over a year.

  29. Expired tampons

  30. Pads stocked up for 2 years.

Children's Rooms

  1. Clothes, socks, shoes that the child can’t wear

  2. Children’s handmade works (You don't have to toss them, but clean them up in the storage bins)

  3. Toys that the child no longer plays (let's tidy it up with the child)

  4. All kinds of toys packaging boxes

  5. Training posters from the various institutes

  6. Dry watercolor pens/ acrylic painting colors

  7. Bedding used by children when they were little

  8. Performance costumes that do not fit the size and season

  9. Loose headbands, rubber bands

  10. Holiday/Parties decors, masks, hats, balloons, etc.

  11. Stroller, car seat and baby bed used by children when they're little (donate them to Goodwill or the thrift stores)

  12. Gifted back bags from

  13. Air leaky balls

  14. Scooters and bicycles that children won't play as they grow up (donate them to Goodwill or the thrift stores)


  1. Potted plants and fertilizer that have completely dried out

  2. Flowers and green plants withered for a long time

  3. Disused fish tank

  4. Plastic basin cracked after too much sun exposure

  5. Empty flower pots with no flowers (unless they are used immediately)

  6. Paint, wires, tiles, and floorboards that you thought you would use in the future

  7. Badly damaged clothes rack

  8. Online shopping shipping boxes piled up the balcony or corner

  9. Rusty wrench(es) and screwdriver(s)

  10. Broken suitcases

  11. Pet's toys and clothes being Idle

  12. Cats cage and litter boxes that cats don’t like

  13. Toys that dogs don't like

In short, please follow a discarding principle:

Anything should be thrown away, send it away, re-sold, donated, given away as long as they are holding you back from moving on to the better life or make you feel bad about yourself, whether it is opinions, beliefs, memories, works, or even people. And then move on. Start at home, easy!


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